FIT2COM project is a co-funded European project which aims to support footwear companies to gradually include more comfort features in their footwear. With this survey, the project partners want to collect your opinion as a consumer about the footwear offered in the market, especially concerning fashion and comfort.
How comfortable are your shoes?
The survey will only take you 5 min.  More information about the project at

1. Please indicate your country of residence:

2. Gender – please select the adequate option

3. Age group – please select the adequate option

4. Do you have any feet or back problems?

5. Please select the FOUR aspects that you value the most in a pair of shoes

6. What makes your shoes comfortable? (several answers possible)

7. Do you easily find the shoes that you look for?

8. If you replied NO, what is the main reason?

9. Do you wish to add any other comment or request to footwear manufacturers or shops?