About Us

Bússola Tech is a global organization that promotes institutional modernization and digital transformation in the legislative, through inter-parliamentary diplomacy.

We are a lean organization whose purpose is to share peer-to-peer technical knowledge to build and strengthen the community for digital transformation in the legislative. 

Bússola Tech was built by insatiably curious people. It is this curiosity and spirit of adventure that leads us to cross unknown paths yet and help our community to discover ideas, exchange knowledge and find arising technologies around the globe. Our internship exposes you to the newest public innovation ecosystem around the world regarding the digital transformation in the legislative. 

Notice that this internship program will be demanding and will require you to practice and build new knowledge, act proactively, build and exercise your leadership skills.

If you felt challenged and instigated by the aforementioned description, feel more than welcome to proceed with your application.

Minimum qualifications:

  • College/Background on International Relations, Public Relations, Public Administration and related areas;
  • Being in the last year of your college, which means, a completed curriculum equals or above 70% of the total course length  
  • Advanced level of English (you will be required to write and talk in english frequently);
  • Present at least a good level of oral and written communication in Portuguese and English;
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills;
  • Leadership instinct and proactivity in your professional growth in your internship

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge and curiosity about the digital transformation of public institutions;
  • Present eagerness in building cooperation channels in different countries and cultures;
  • Ability to understand complex challenges;
  • Ability to deal with ambiguous environments;
  • Ability to work with collaborative tools (as text editors, spreadsheets and related tools);
  • Ability to work between April and December 2022, considering a total of 30 hours, weekly 
Your Responsibilities

Your internship program will focus on two major verticals:

I) Articulation and Institutional Relations and 
II) Communications tasks 

  • Assist in the development of content production;
  • Assist in the development of projects focused on delivering meetings, conferences, and inter-parliamentary missions; 
  • Support in the relationship with the press and partner organizations
What we Offer:

  • A monthly stipend (a.k.a.: "bolsa-estágio"). We offer market-compatible stipend value
  • A workload of 30 hours per week 
  • Flexible work hours within the required weekly 30 hours beforementioned
  • Remote work alongside 2022 
  • The possibility of extra Performance Bonuses (in Brazilian Reais) according to recurrent internal evaluations