The purpose of this survey is to learn about how organizations can better foster work engagement in international assignments. You do not need to identify yourself; your answers will be kept confidential. Answering the survey will take less than 15 min.
Your honest and well thought answers to this short questionnaire will help us a great deal. We thank you in advance for your help. 

* General and demographic questions

* Your gender

* Regarding your last expatriation, what was your mastery of the main language spoken by your peers at work?

* Please rate how much each of the following statements applies to your experience as an expatriate in your last international assignment (or to your present experience, if you are currently working in another country)

  1-Strongly disagree 2-Disagree 3-Somewhat disagree 4-Neither agree nor disagree 5-Somewhat agree 6-Agree 7-Strongly agree
I don´t (didn´t) feel who I truly am (was) at work
At work, I always stay (stayed) by what I believe(ed) in
At work, I feel (felt) the need to do what others expect (ed) me to do
At work, I feel (felt) alienated
I behave(ed) in accordance with my values and beliefs in the workplace
I am (was) strongly influenced in the workplace by the opinions of others
In my working environment I feel (felt) ‘‘cut off’’ from who I really am (was)
At work, I feel (felt) out of touch with the ‘‘real me’’
I am (was) true to myself at work in most situations
Other people influence(ed) me greatly at work
I find (found) it easier to get on with people in the workplace when I am (was) being myself
At work, I behave(ed) in a manner that people expect(ed) me to behave
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