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Turn Google Forms into SurveyMonkey.surveys
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Google Forms

Turn your Google Forms into SurveyMonkey surveys. Use all of your favorite built-in features that come with SurveyMonkey, without having to rewrite your questions. Once you’ve converted, you’ll be able to collaborate on your newly created surveys with your team, and send them to respondents through email, Facebook Messenger, or via web link.

This integration takes your Google questions and choices and sends it to SurveyMonkey.

How to Install

Click the button at the top of this page, which will send you over to Google. Download the add-on by clicking the install button at the top right (you’ll need to log in to both your SurveyMonkey and Google accounts). After connecting your accounts, you can import all or a selection of your Google Form questions to create a SurveyMonkey survey, all from within Google Forms.

SurveyMonkey Plan Requirements

All Plan types are supported, however some features may not be available for all SurveyMonkey plan types. For more information see: 

Additional limitations include:

  • Maximum of 100 questions per survey can be migrated
  • Advanced question types not suppported for any plan types

Additional Resources

Our Help Center contains additional information on the Google forms integration. See more here.