Microsoft Excel

Export survey responses into Excel.

Desenvolvido por SurveyMonkey

Import your survey data into Microsoft Excel

Send your data to Excel and organize it in a spreadsheet. Then, export your work to your favorite data visualization app, and share with the team.

How to Install

To install this integration, go to Microsoft Excel Online (or to the top of this page, and hit “Install”). Log in to your Microsoft account.

  • Create a new workbook
  • Search for “Add-in” in the search bar at the top of the page (currently labeled “Tell me what to do”)
  • Search for SurveyMonkey under Add-ins
  • Add Surveymonkey, and log in to your account
  • Begin importing surveys into Microsoft Excel

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Filter your SurveyMonkey data in Microsoft Excel
Sort your SurveyMonkey data in Microsoft Excel


Este aplicativo requer acesso para:
  • Visualizar questionários seus e compartilhados com você
  • Visualizar os coletores de questionários seus ou compartilhados com você
  • Visualizar respostas
  • Visualizar se os questionários de sua conta têm respostas e os metadados delas
  • Visualizar suas informações de usuário

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