Create intricate and effortless data visualizations.

Desenvolvido por SurveyMonkey

Turn your surveys in to beautiful, visual data and help everyone on your team understand the impact of your work.

Import your SurveyMonkey data into Tableau, and display it using a plethora of options—heat maps, filled maps, box-and-whisker plots and more. Filter your survey by response and metadata type, and zero in on the data that really matters. 

Here's how to use it:

- Authorize SurveyMonkey to integrate with Tableau

- Add the survey you want to visualize in Tableau by clicking New Extract

- Select a survey and filter responses to your linking

- Sync to Tableau

Learn more about visualizing your data with Tableau in our Help Center.


Data Visualization
Survey Extracts
Filters (by Response and Metadata)


Tableau Online is a hosted version of Tableau Server, no setup required. Tableau Desktop is sold per Named User, with a perpetual license and annual maintenance. Features vary based on Professional vs Personal.
Este aplicativo requer acesso para:
  • Visualizar questionários seus e compartilhados com você
  • Visualizar os coletores de questionários seus ou compartilhados com você
  • Visualizar respostas
  • Visualizar se os questionários de sua conta têm respostas e os metadados delas
  • Visualizar suas informações de usuário

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