We’re proud to provide Section 508-compliant surveys

All of the surveys you create with SurveyMonkey are fully accessible

At SurveyMonkey, we’ve built a survey tool that lets you create and send Section 508-compliant surveys.

Section 508 is a federal law that says all electronic and information technology used by the federal government be accessible by people with disabilities. We want to make sure that any survey you create—even if it’s not used for the federal government—is accessible to everyone.

Although our surveys are 508 accessible, you can help make your surveys user-friendly with screen readers and other visual technologies.

  • Survey text. Screen readers read through each question by first reading the question text, then the answer options. Remember that all of this text is being converted to audio by the program.
  • Read your questions out loud. Test your survey design by reading each question and the corresponding answer options out loud. Questions that can be easily understood when verbalized will be the most comprehensible by screen readers.
  • Make your questions concise. Long questions with unnecessary information can become tedious to listen to. The respondent might even forget the question or previous answer options before they reach the end of the list of possible answers, so keep questions to the point.
  • State the number of answer choices. Clearly state how many answer choices the respondent will need to select when creating multiple answer question types. For example, “Please select all options that apply to you” or, “Please select no more than 3 options.” This helps clarify what respondents should do while they listen to the list of answer options.
  • Don’t add additional HTML. If your account is HTML enabled, we don’t recommend using use HTML coding in your survey design. Adding HTML coding may cause the users software to read aloud your added HTML code.
  • Don’t change the colors. To make our survey designs easily visible to all users, the right amount of color contrast and brightness has been included within all default themes. Those with colorblindness may have a hard time reading your survey with the colors you choose.