14 resources to add to your HR toolkit

Great leaders never stop learning. We've gathered our most popular HR resources to support you through any challenge or decision—from reimagining the workplace to attracting and retaining diverse talent during The Great Resignation.

Wondering how you can create more engaging, fulfilling, and inclusive experiences for your employees? We’ve got you covered. Our guides can help you listen and act on employee feedback to:

Employees talking
Speaker headshots

Psst, here’s a tip: to become an expert, you have to learn from the experts. Get inspiration and practical takeaways from the best with these articles and webinars:

Why start from scratch when you can use our tried-and-true templates to start gathering employee feedback right away? From measuring employee engagement to identifying problem areas in recruiting, we’ve got over a dozen HR templates to choose from, including:

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Líder de recursos humanos

Líderes de RH podem usar este kit de ferramentas para criar experiências de colaboradores excepcionais.

Crie uma melhor experiência de candidatos

Entenda a experiência de candidatos nos seus processos de recrutamento com a SurveyMonkey.

Cultive um ambiente de trabalho inclusivo, diversificado e igualitário

Avalie e melhore sua estratégia de diversidade, equidade e inclusão (DEI) com a SurveyMonkey.

Exemplos de feedbacks de colaboradores e como usá-los

Veja por que o feedback de colaboradores é tão importante e qual é a melhor maneira de recebê-lo e fornecê-lo.

SurveyMonkey Enterprise helps you gather, understand, and act on employee feedback so you can create a workplace your employees love to work at.